Soligo Prosecco

Product Details

A fresh and crisp prosecco from the producer Soligo. Soligo Prosecco lends it`s name from the small village small stream Treviso.

The perlage is fine, notes of pear and apple followed by acacia flower and citrus.

On the palate it is well balanced with good freshness and the right balance of sweetness, making it really delicate and intense.

Perfect aperitive or with any kind of sea food.

***請理性飲酒 Please drink responsibly

Where is Treviso?

Treviso is a city in northeastern Italy.

On the central Piazza dei Signori is the Palazzo dei Trecento, with battlements and vaulted arcades.

There is also the Fontana delle Tette is a 16th-century fountain that used to dispense wine.

A glass of Prosecco goes well with relaxed moments

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