Soligo Prosecco

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A fresh and crisp prosecco from the producer Soligo. Soligo Prosecco lends it`s name from the small village small stream Treviso.

The perlage is fine, notes of pear and apple followed by acacia flower and citrus.

On the palate it is well balanced with good freshness and the right balance of sweetness, making it really delicate and intense.

Perfect aperitive or with any kind of sea food.

***請理性飲酒 Please drink responsibly

Where is Treviso?

Treviso is a city in northeastern Italy.

On the central Piazza dei Signori is the Palazzo dei Trecento, with battlements and vaulted arcades.

There is also the Fontana delle Tette is a 16th-century fountain that used to dispense wine.

A glass of Prosecco goes well with relaxed moments


quesadilla on a metal tray

what is a quesadilla?

A quesadilla is a Mexican dish made with a tortilla that is filled primarily with cheese, and sometimes meats, spices, and other fillings, and then cooked on a griddle or stove. Traditionally, a corn tortilla is used, but it can also be made with a flour tortilla.

What does it mean in Mexican?

You might be wondering where this tasty treat found its well-known name? Well, queso means cheese in Spanish, and Dilla means a slang term for a dude. So quesadilla translates into “cheese-dude.”

This little cheese thing was originated in the northern and central Mexico back in the 16th century.

close up photo of cheese

Our deliciously cheesy quesadillas make a quick lunch or supper.



The truth is that we don’t know for a fact who invented the burrito or why. We know that they were invented sometime in the 20th century and that there are many theories about their creation. 

One theory is that Juan Méndez, a street vendor in Chihuahua, Mexico, invented the burrito. During the Mexican Revolution in the 1910s, Méndez decided to wrap his food in flour tortillas to keep it warm and transport it on his small donkey. He then realized that wrapping the food in a tortilla was tasty and a good way to serve it

close up photo of burrito

Why is it Called a Burrito?

The word translates to “little donkey”, stemming from “burro” which means donkey, and “-ito” which means little.

3 secrets of cooking oil

3 secrets of cooking oil, that most people don`t know.

  1. High Stability Oil
  2. Extra Virgin Oil
  3. Polyunsaturated & Saturated Oil

1) High Stability Oil

the first of the 3 secrets of cooking oil is High oleic sunflower and high oleic canola oil which are commonly found in local shops.

They are particularly good for high temperature cooking as high as 450°F (232°C). Frying with these oils produce food that stays crispy, without adding the flavor of the cooking oil, in other words it keeps the natural taste of the food.

High oleic oils are rich in oleic acid in the fat units, it is monounsaturated meaning it can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. They also provide nutrients to help develop and maintain your body’s cells. 

Scientific research shows that monounsaturated fatty acids help regulate blood cholesterol (Lower “bad” cholesterol, higher “good” cholesterol). This benefit is important as cardiovascular illnesses are related to blood cholesterol level.

person pouring liquid on green noodles in ceramic bowl
bowl being poured with yellow liquid

2) Extra Virgin Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is made from pure, cold-pressed olives referred to as free of oleic acid, not to be mixed up with oleic acid bound in fat molecules.

Cold pressed is a common term used to describe the process when producing it. This process is expensive compared to a normal refinery where the oils are produced with heat and chemicals. It is good for preserving the aroma of oil, and some natural micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Extra virgin olive oil has been used for a long time in the Mediterranean diet. Due to the relatively high, 55%-85% oleic acid in olive oil, it also benefits heart health as well as providing anti-oxidative function. 

3) Polyunsaturated & Saturated Oil

Oils high in polyunsaturated fats or saturated fats are less healthy.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids e.g. omega-3, omega-6 are also good for heart and vessel.

However, polyunsaturated fatty acids are unstable and could be easily oxidized in cooking temperature.

Most manufacturers need to add antioxidants in order to preserves oil during storage and transport.

Saturated fatty acids e.g. palmitic acid, stearic acid, are quite stable against oxidation, but the high intake of saturated fatty acids in our diet increase risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Most of our diet, i.e. include plenty of meat, some cheese, which also provide saturated fatty acids. therefore it is advisable to not use oil rich in saturated fats.

medical stethoscope with red paper heart on white surface
High Oleic Sunflower Oil Favorably Impacts Health
woman surrounded by sunflowers
What is High Oleic Sunflower Oil?

High oleic sunflower oil is very high in oleic (monounsaturated) acid. High oleic sunflower oil is usually defined as having a minimum 80 percent oleic acid. Having a very neutral taste and provides a excellent stability without hydrogenation.

High oleic sunflower oil offers a trans free oil solution for us.

This great choice has many uses including bakery applications, spray coating oils for cereal, crackers and dried fruit; it is used in non-dairy creamers, many types of frying and other uses.

As with all sunflower, high oleic hybrids have been developed through conventional breeding methods.

high oleic oils reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

A diet rich in high-oleic-acid sunflower oil favorably alters low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and factor VII coagulant activity.

Substitution of foods rich in saturated fat with foods rich in high-oleic-acid sunflower oil and margarine has favorable outcomes on blood lipids and factor VIIc.

This oil presents another useful source of MUFA for diets aimed at prevention of heart disease.

A more detailed abstract of this research is available via the Journal of the American Dietetic Association web site (

woman slicing gourd


100% Plant. All Impact.



OmniPork developed by OmniFoods, a food innovation company launched Green Monday. Their team innovated OmniPork is an all-purpose solution.

Promoting a shift to eating a plant-based diet as a way to tackle global warming and global food issues.

Since its establishment in 2012, Green Monday has worked with over 1000 restaurants, schools and commercial businesses globally. Effectively cultivating an awareness and appreciation for a plant-based lifestyle for the benefit of the planet.

A survey released by an international consultant in Dec 2018 revealed that Green Monday has helped increase the number of flexitarians in Hong Kong from 300,000 to an impressive 1.75M! That is a 20% increase in flexitarians and roughly 23% of the population!

Green Monday’s reach continues its global expansion, transforming diets and habits around the world for a better planet.

How OmniPork is made

Researched and developed over two years by an experienced team in Canada, a nutritionally superior meat analogue launched by food innovation company OmniFoods.

Produced from a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice for complete protein.

Since its launch in April 2018, OmniPork has received extensive international media coverage and love from chefs all over the globe!

Los Gangstas

We are super serious about we do but we have great fun doing it

Los Gangstas, Food is the cornerstone of everything we do. It needs to be fun, pleasing, inspired and should definitely be tasty.

Consuming a variety of foods to get the nutrients we need, staying healthy is so important. This means eating from all of the food groups. There’s a place for all kinds of diets in the menu at Los Gangstas. We work hard in not to giving naming foods such as GOOD or BAD.

Believing, how often, how much and understanding the difference between nutritious ‘everyday’ foods and ‘occasional’ cheat foods. Knowing how often, how much and understanding the difference between nutritious ‘everyday’ foods and ‘occasional’ cheat foods.

los gangstas

When you eat at Los Gangstas, you`ll taste the long hours we put into everything we do. Being Obsessed with recreating authentic Mexican street food, and loving what we create.

Taking the Hong Kong street food scene to an international feel. Creating our own unique menu of flavors and specials.

Our mission is to bring you the freshest and most gorgeous flavors available anywhere in HK.

Spending countless hours finding suppliers with the best products that meet our vision.

At Los Gangstas we offer a broad menu including burritos, quesadillas and tacos, keep an eye out for our seafood specials at the weekends too. Our in house preparation uses traditional cooking methods and some more scientific such as sous vide, makes our products clean, fresh, healthy and taste incredible.

los gangstas
los gangstas

Supporting local businesses on Lamma is important, shopping local, and working with our amazing partners on the Island creating a low carbon foot print as much as we can.

We look forward, and invite you to come give us a try on your next trip out to Lamma Island. We believe you won’t be disappointed.